Responsible medication means being responsible for the health of our loved ones. When anyone in our family is unwell, taking them to the doctor is not being reponsible enough. Medicating responsibly means being an important aid / resource to the doctor who is treating your loved ones.

We can never replace the critical role & contribution of the doctor but for sure can enhance the outcome of the treatment by being involved & understand the processes, options, solutions and way forward.

We start with:

  1. Empathising with the patients in his/her pain and sufferings (Not sympathy or apathy).
  2. Identifying the best/most suitable doctor keeping in mind several factors including doctors availability, access and ease of communication, and comfort level.
  3. Looking for appropriate and suitable second opinion.
  4. Being judicious in selecting the final option.
  5. When selecting the doctor, asking the right questions.
  6. Once all information is collected, studying the same to find the relevant information and reference. Understanding the disease to find the best solution plays a critical part.
  7. Mapping the requisites to outcome & monitoring them on an ongoing basis, including, being demanding for the outcomes & asking more questions. unless satisfied.
  8. While we have no intention to encroach on the space, responsibility and authority of the doctors, we do have the responsibility to understand the problem, the solution, the process and what to expect.